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From Dale Rehberg

Dale Rehbergがbuoloco.comのショートインタビューの中で「T.J brand」を紹介してくれました。一緒に紹介されているAustria、ASMOのNo-boardも素晴らしいShapeです。海外でも徐々に注目を集めはじめていることを実感します。Thanks Dale!

以下 Daleのコメント
These 2 boards are my most prized possessions.
One of the boards here is a Tj Brand 1555 Golden Bat w/ Bonzar Bottom. This is a super sick pow board company out of Japan.
Go check out the site here tj-brand.com.
This company is one of my top 5 most favorite board companies out there. Super sick POW specific hand crafted snowboards.
The other board I have here is a very special no-board from Austria,called ASMO.
Check this link espn.go.com/action/snowboarding/blog/_/post/5637767/shaping-future. The boards are hand built by Wolle Nyvelt and Steve Gruber in a garage..in the Austrian Alps…so legit and so sick! I am very honored to have an Asmo no-board and I can’t wait to ride it in the deep shit next fall!
Thanks! -D

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