Hiroshi Sakuma's shape
5'0 (1530)

Price:90,000YEN +TAX
佐久間洋が 自らシェイプしたアシンメトリー(非対称)ボードをTHE SHAPERSのLINE UPに加えました。ヒールサイドのエッジコンタクトを長めにとった事で高速時の切り返しターンのズレをおさえる効果が高速カービングを実現します。ヒラメトリー特有なナロースペックはパウダーからゲレンデ、春のコーンスノーでも場所を選ばず楽しめます。2021モデルでは張り感を維持しつつも、しっかりと踏み込めるように若干フレックスをソフトに仕上げました。

Shaper:佐久間 洋

He began his career as a professional rider since the 1990s. He is a powder-lover that enjoys helicopter and B.C riding in the mountains of the world, and then he through a valuable experience to face nature and learn a lot, in his “Sky the Limit Adventure Guide Service" is developing a service that suggests from ways of enjoying winter mountain to backcountry rides that exploits abundant experience values to activities. Currently based in Niigata, he continues to explore the shape on a daily basis by shaping the snowboard, skateboard, handmade board in his garage.



Spec chart

co length nose width waist width tail width radius(mr) camber/setback waist setback stance setback core sidewall base glass
5'2 R 990 / L 1040 300 254 270 R 7.8 / 12.5 : L 9 / 11 0 70 -40 Super light performance mix core ABS P-tex 4000 graphitetriaxial