SINCE 2009



For the past 20 years, we have been searching world wide for the ideal future of the snowboard, together with the creators who put their original vision of the snowboard into the product, and the riders who have dedicated their life in the form riding. This search has naturally directed us to form a lifestyle with the snowboard that balances nature with the human being, and away from the business oriented mass product and mass consumption. This process was the search for the true nature of the snowboard itself. In the surfing world, which is the roots of the snowboard, the shaper of the surfboard puts their heart and soul into every board that they create. With the snowboard, we feel that it is our mission to create a product that has a “one and only” value with the symbol of craftsmanship with the creators soul. When snowboarding connected with other cultures like skateboarding, it went from being underground to mainstream. Searching for something that was lost when snowboarding became a worldly known major sport and coming to it’s prime and moving on to it’s second cycle, in 2009, we launched TJBRAND to start on our new journey. Looking back to the roots of the snowboard and touching numerous vintage boards that were handcrafted, what we saw was innovative ideas coming from it’s historical background with overwhelming existence. With the highest of respect, we are heavily influenced from the roots of the snowboard. Going back to it’s origin and starting from scratch, we are ready to announce our original construction methods, ideas, and modern technology of our snowboard products from the far east island of NIPPON.