Retro fish

Nose width 34cm, Waist width 29.4cmという今までのボードの常識を覆すかのようなスペック。圧雪バーンでの操作性が気になるところだが、3D seriesのFull length 3Dを採用。Nose, Mid, TailとそれぞれのPartに異なった深さの3Dを採用。1718 ModelではNapoleon FishやFlying-Vで実証済みのAll bamboo woodcore, No sidewall構造を採用。規格外スペックのRetro Fishに高反発でありながらしなやかな芯材を取り入れることで操作性が格段にアップ、更に軽量でレスポンスの良いMighty glass2を組み合わせることで、よりクイックな反応をもたせEdge to Edgeが遠いこのモデルの弱点を解消した。絶対的な浮力とエッジによるストレスを感じさせないないナチュラルな動きを発揮するこの極太のボードを圧雪バーンでの操作性も容易に。エッジに頼らず加重加減で動かす、よりSurfingに近づいた動きを体感してほしい。深雪での滑走性は水面を自由に進むかの如く、身体の動きでルーズにしなやかな動き。

This board has that 34cm nose width , 29.4cm waist width spec like as to overturn common sense of the board so far. We are pretty much concerned about the operability in the snow burning, but adopt full length 3D. It also adopt 3D of different depths for each part of nose, mid, and tail. The 1718 new Model updated with adopts All bamboo wood-core, No-sidewall structure that was already proven with Napoleon Fish and Flying-V models in past. The Retro Fish of nonstandard specifications has remarkably improved operability by incorporating supple core material while being highly repulsive. By combining Mighty glass 2 which is even lighter and more responsive, it gave you a quicker response, this eliminates the weak point of this model that slow edge to edge. This extreme board demonstrates the natural movement "do not feel stress" by absolute buoyancy and edges, and this new updated one finally easy to operate with snow burning as well. Do not rely on edge, move with weighting, please feel the movement closer to Surfing. The glide at deep powder makes supple movement to loose by the movement of the body as if going freely on the water surface.


特殊成型、リアルウッドトップのため、取扱には充分ご注意下さい。使用後は風通しの良いところで保管下さい。また、サイズのあったビスのご使用をお勧め致しております。ビスの突き出しによる滑走面の凸凹が発生した場合は保証対象外となります。V-THERMO WAX等による変形、立ち木やブッシュ、石等によるサイドウォール割れ、ヒビ等には一切保証対象外となっております。また、No sidewall構造となっているモデルに関しましては、シーズンに数回はサイド部分にニスなどを塗布するとより長持ちします。

Our 3D series equips that special molding, real wood top, so please be careful handling. Also please keep in a well-ventilated place after use. We recommend that you use screws with size. In case unevenness of the running surface caused by protrusion of the screw occurs, it is out of warranty. Deformation by V-thermo wax etc, sidewall cracks due to standing trees, bushes, rocks, cracks etc are out of warranty at all. In addition, Models that has a No-sidewall structure, you many apply varnish etc to the side part several times in the season, so it can be used for a long time of your board.

Attaching the binding

Burton Bindingsをご使用のお客様へ。ワッシャーが深く入り込むようになっておりますので、そのまま取り付けますと滑走面が膨れてしまう場合がございます。浅いワッシャーに交換するか、長さのあったビスを使用するようお願い致します。他ブランドの取り付けの際にも同上で述べたようなケースが起こりうるので、最初は滑走面を確認しながら取り付けをお願い致します。

To customers using Burton Bindings, since the washer is getting deeper into it, If you install as it is, the running surface may swell. So please change to a shallow washer or use screws with fit one long length. A case like the one mentioned above may occur even when installing other brands, So please pay attention first while to check the running surface.