Asymmetry 158cm
Price: 95,000YEN + TAX


スノーボードで滑っていて気付くのは、スノーボーダーのラインとスキーヤーのライン(滑るポイントを含む)が違うと言う事。Napoleon Fish 158cmは、Powder滑走時における "BoardのFeeling" を得るために "Short・Fat・Stylish" をキーワードにOutlineを考えた。そしてスノーボードで滑るときのようなラインを描くということにフォーカスし作り出されたスキーである。Outlineは、Surf BoardのようにStylishで、Napoleon Fishのような操作性を求めた結果、In Edge, Out EdgeをAsymmetry(非対称)にする事でこの形となった。レングスはSnowboardでパウダーを滑る時に選ぶ板の長さを基準に調整。Skierから「短くないですか?」と良く質問されるが、短いからこそ機動性に優れきわどいトラバースラインや尾根の複雑な地形などにも対応でき、尚かつコンパクトな地形も楽しめる。また、乗りこなす事で広い斜面やハイスピードのターンも気持ちよく安定して滑る事が出来る。そして、パウダーでの浮力を得るため全体的に ファットな仕上がりにした。スノーボードの感覚を取り入れた "Shot Fat Ski" と言う新しいカテゴリーのスキー。スキーヤーはもちろん、昔スキーをしていたボーダーに是非体験してもらいたい。
- 植木照夫

左右非対称 / Asymmetry
Napoleon Fish 158cmは微妙に左右非対称。操作性を向上する目的で、インエッジよりアウトエッジの有効接地面の方が若干短くしてある。基本形はロゴがクリアー(下地のウッドコアが見えている)の方が左で、ロゴに色がついている方は右。決まりは無いので、左右はフィーリングがあう方でチョイスすることも選択肢の一つ。

基本Recommend (推奨)マークにセンターにブーツセンターを合わせる。好みによって1~2cm前後に取り付けても操作がしやすい。


What I noticed after gaining the experience of riding on a snowboard, is the snowboarder's lines and the skier's lines (including the riding point) are totally different. Napoleon Fish 158cm considered the outline with "Short, Fat, Stylish" as the keyword in order to obtain "Snowboard Feeling" specially in powder. This ski is always continuing to created with a focus on drawing lines like when riding on a snowboard. The outline is stylish like Surf Board, and as a result of seeking operability like Napoleon Fish, it became the shape by making In-Edge and Out-Edge asymmetric. The length is adjusted based on the length of the board you choose when riding the powder on the Snowboard. Skier often asked me like, "Isn't it too short?", But just because it's short makes very mobile and can handle complicated terrain such as traverse lines and ridges, and you can enjoy compact terrain as well. you can ride comfortably and stably even on wide slopes and high-speed turns since you are good at managing for it. Also, I made it a fat finish as a whole to get buoyancy with powder. Again, a new category of ski called "Shot Fat Ski" that incorporates the feeling of snowboarding. I would want skiers as well as borders who used to ski in the past to experience it.
by Teruo Ueki

Left-Right Asymmetry
Subtly left-right asymmetric. For the purpose of improving operability, the effective ground plane of the out edge is slightly shorter than the in edge. As for the basic shape, the one with a clear logo (the underlying wood core is visible) is on the left, and the one with a colored logo is on the right. There is no rule, so it is one of the options to choose the one with the right and left feelings.

Binding mounting position
Basically, align the boot center with the center to the Recommend mark. Depending on your preference, it is easy to operate even if it is installed around 1 to 2 cm.

As a short fat ski, the unequal thickness is thinner than that of a normal ski in order to maintain buoyancy and mobility. So, when you installing the binding, request installation at a specialty store and check the length of the screw before installing.

Asymmetry 158cm

Spec chart

eff edge co length nose width waist width tail width nose height tail height radius(mr) camber waist setback core sidewall base glass structure
Asymmetry 158cm in: 1204 / out: 1144 1110 150 130 135 70 20 in: 20 / out: 18.7 7 70 Super Light Performance Mix Core (X-Wood + Poplar) ABS P-tex 4000 graphite triaxial no

T.J BRAND 2021-2022 Model