Shaped by Hiroshi Sakuma

5'0 (153cm)
HIRAMEN-TRY Price: 90,000YEN + TAX



Shaepr: 佐久間 洋

The asymmetric board shaped by Hiroshi Sakuma. The edge contact on the heel side is made longer, and the effect of suppressing the deviation of the turning turn at high speed realizes high speed carving. HIRAMEN-TRY's unique narrow specs can be enjoyed anywhere from powder to lines and spring corn snow.

Shaper: Hiroshi Sakuma
Started working as a professional rider in the 90's. Powder Lover to enjoy boarding and B.C riding in the mountains of the worldwide. Through beging nature and gain valuable experiences of learning a lot. "SKY THE LIMIT Adventure Guide Service" is developing a service that proposes from how to enjoy winter mountain backcountry riding to activities by making use of abundant experience. Currently based in Niigata, he continues to explore shapes every single day by scraping snowboards, skateboards, and handmade boards in his garage.

5'0 (153cm)

Spec chart

co length nose width waist width tail width radius(mr) camber/setback waist setback stance setback core sidewall base glass
5'0 (153cm) R 990 / L 1040 300 254 270 R 7.8 / 12.5 : L 9 / 11 0 70 -40 Super Light Performance Mix Core ABS P-tex 4000 graphite triaxial

T.J BRAND 2021-2022 Model